May 22nd, 2008

Grunnskóli Siglufjarðar pupils find colour ringed godwit ringed there in 2004.

Report from Guðný Róbertsdóttir - Here in Siglufjörður today the class went birdwatching. We saw one ringed Godwit - Lime Orange Lime X, the one pictured on the 4th May report below. This was ringed at Siglufjörður in April 2004 and was seen in Kent, England in 2005. We saw Eiders, Arctic terns and Swans. We saw one godwit bathing in the pond in the picture below. If you look very closely you can see it and we watched it for a long time. We had a great time! Slán, Guðný.

The pond where the class watched the godwit.


Guðný's class out looking for godwits with their new telescope.

The godwit having a wash! (photo by Sveinn Þorsteinsson )