Friday 23rd May

Cobh pupils receive their "Connecting People Through Nature" Godwit Badges.

Report from Willie McSweeney - Jim Wilson called in to the class today and gave a talk on his trip to the Antarctic. It was a fantastic video presentation with Jim giving us a really interesting description of his time there. The video and the photos were of a really high quality.

While he was in the class he presented the boys with a Godwit medal to mark the work they did throughout the year on the Godwit project. The boys were delighted to receive the gift. Similar medals were sent to our friends in Siglufjordur. Written on the cards is,

International Schools Godwit Project

Connecting people through Nature.


The picture above shows the badges the pupils were given to mark their contribution to the project.

This has been a very rewarding project to be involved in and we are looking forward to carrying this on again in the next school year!

The pupils and Mr. McSweeney with there godwit pins.

Jim Wilson presents the pupils with their godwit pins.

The pupils give the school godwit project the thumbs up!