July 25th, 2008

Lucky Grunnskóli Siglufjarðar pupils go colour ringing Godwits at Siglufjordur

Report from Guðný Róbertsdóttir - I and my kids (twins Hildur and Hrafn 12yrs nearly 13yrs) and few of my class joined Ruth Croger, Pete Potts, Astrid and Guillaume Gelinaud in ringing Godwits here in Siglufjörður. We watched them - waiting in my car for some hours, maybe from two o´clock - six and. I was surprised how tolerant the kids were while waiting. There were around 15 Godwits on the spot where the Godwit team put the net - and of course they hoped to get them all to ring them, but alas only three Godwits and one young Arctic Tern were caught. But the three of them are now OURS!, one female and two male and we are looking forward to seeing them again. The kids even gave them names! The team weighed them and did all the usual measuring and they will send us information on them when school starts. I called to Sveinn Þorsteinsson (our photographer) and he came over and took a lot of pictures - and by the way - I gave him one of the godwit badges this spring and he liked that very much! Bless for now, Guðný.

The Siglufjörður Godwit Ringing Team

From left, Hrafn, me (Guðný) Eyrún, Dagrún, Ruth, Hildur, Pete, Patrekur, Guillaume, Astrid and Romeó.

Eyrún with one of the godwits caught and colour ringed (Yellow/Orange/Lime/X) at Siglufjörður. One for the pupils to look out for in the coming months here in Cork harbour! (photo © Sveinn Þorsteinsson)