22nd February 2009

Böddi's Godwit wintering in Whitgate, Cork Harbour.

One of the Operation Godwit team members Böddi Þórisson features in a photo on our web site. He is the one releasing a colour ringed godwit in the first photo of our "History of the School Godwit Project" page. Böddi lives in Bolungarvik in the extreme northwest of Iceland. On the 17th February Iain Hill found White Lime -Green Red flag feeding at Whitegate bay, opposite Cobh in Cork harbour. The bird was ringed as a chick on the 7th July 2008 just outside his town! It is the first time it has been seen since it was ringed. You can see from the colour of Böddi's hair that he definitely has Irish ancestors!

White Lime -Green Red flag as a chick when it was ringed in July 2008

(photo © Astrid Kant)


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