28th April 2010

Scoil Iosaef Naofa Miss the Godwit Bus!

Students looking for godwits at Glounthaune . (photo ©Willie McSweeney)

Today pupils from Mr. McSweeney's class went to Glounthaune for their final visit to look for Black-tailed Godwits. They were very surprised to find only 16 godwits and very few birds at all on the mudflat which had lots of godwits and other shorebirds on their visit before Christmas last year. Jim Wilson counted over 800 godwits at Glounthaune and over 1,400 at nearby Harper's Island at high tide last week. Due to other school work they were unable to get out to Glounthaune sooner and missed seeing them by just a few days! They also breed in Iceland. The students did see a Whimbrel, like the godwits, it too was heading for Iceland to breed but unlike to godwits it probably spent the winter in Africa, maybe as far south as South Africa. They were also very lucky to spot a Glaucous Gull from the train on the way. The Glaucous Gull is a big gull and a small number comes to Ireland each winter.They also say two Common Terns. These are sea birds that breed in Cork Harbour and spend the winter along the coast of west Africa.

Now it is up to Guðný and her class in Iceland to look after the Godwits for the Summer!

Some of the students enjoying their trip to Glounthaune. (photo ©Willie McSweeney)

Pupils at Glounthaune. (photo ©Willie McSweeney)


Pupils on the railway bridge at Glounthaune. (photo ©Willie McSweeney)

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