Arkive Images and Information

Australian 'Global Flyway Network' - Bar-tailed Godwit Satellite Tracking Project

BBC Radio 4 link

Birdlife International


Birdwatch Ireland

British Trust for Ornithology.

Handbook of the birds of the world

Icelandic birding

The Icelandic Institute of Natural History

The Icelandic Society for the protection of birds.

Project Jadrakan - International Black-tailed Godwit Studies

List of birds of Iceland

MigraTagis - Wintering and migrating shorebirds as indicators of the quality of estuarine environments


RTE 1 Radio Documentary by Jim Wilson on the godwits

Shorebird Sister Schools Program (U.S Fish and Wildlife Service)

Snæfellsnes Research Centre

Grunnskˇli Siglufjar­ar - School in Iceland linked to Scoil Iosaef Naofa



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